What is happening on the ECC playground?

If you’ve had a chance to walk onto the ECC playground in the recent weeks, you might have noticed that our outdoor space is changing and evolving to better fit the needs of the students.  First, Devin’s dad came in with his digger and repositioned the big rocks in a circle under the trees. Whereas the big rocks were scattered all over the place before, they have now become a cosy space to use for imaginative play: our very own Stonehenge. The rocks have also added a level of challenge to our climbers who are learning to count on their peers to climb on the tallest rock.  Next, with the help of some parents who have donated their kitchen utensils, we have started to create a ‘mud kitchen,’ which has already turned into a restaurant, a potion making station, and Ms Lucia’s kitchen. This space offers children opportunities to explore and combine natural resources so that mud, stones, leaves and sticks are transformed daily into scrumptious preparations.  By the way, if you have any pots, pans, trays, utensils or other kitchen tools that you don’t need, we would be HAPPY to put it to good use in our mud kitchen.  Finally, we now also have an ‘outdoor classroom’ near the garden wall: some donated tree logs have become seats or steps, and we can enjoy the shaded area to read a story or chat with our friends. A section of the trunk of one of the tall pine trees recently cut down has become a beautiful seat right in the middle for us to sit on.  We are excited to see our learning spaces growing and look forward to exploring the possibilities as the weather gets warmer.

Nilva Marin ECC Coordinator