What an assembly!

In the ECC, children have been learning about different creatures: Kindergarten are taking care of 2 fish in their classroom, Nursery 4 have a collection of snails, Nursery 3 are watching their silk worms turn into butterflies and Pre-Nursery are finding all sorts of creatures in our playground, so we decided to invite some ‘different’ creatures to join us for assembly last Thursday.  Mr Tiziano came to talk to the children about his impressive collection of insects and gave us the opportunity to have a close look at beetles, scorpions, stick insect, dragonflies and even a tarantula! We observed some from Mr Tiziano’s hands, learned facts about them and then had a chance to walk around and have a look at the showcases he brought in. We were all amazed by the variety: there were big ones and tiny ones, and some had incredible colours and features, all of them beautifully preserved in frames. Mr Tiziano explained that most of his insects come from Indonesia, then told us that he has a scorpion as a pet at home, but he could not bring it as it is pregnant and very irritable. The children showed fascination and interest, asking relevant questions and commenting on their favourites, and seemed to fully appreciate this great learning opportunity.

Nilva Marin ECC Coordinator