Welcome Ella the Elephant!

When I was thinking about possible projects for this school year, I had a conversation with the other teachers, wondering whether I should once again introduce a take-home stuffed animal. When I asked Ms Nilva, her face said it all. Of course, yes!!! Jack the Duck, who spent the year with her children when they were in Nursery 3 with me, is still an important member of the Kindergarten class. His diary is the most beloved book in the Book Corner, and I am forever thankful for the clever ways in which she is still engaging Jack in the children’s learning adapting it to the changing needs and interests of her students. And so here it is, that time of the year when the Nursery 3 children welcome a new friend, Ella the Elephant. Ella was introduced within the Unit of Learning about ourselves, in which we are exploring babies, things that we couldn’t do before, and things we can do now that we are big! Ella is still a baby, she can’t talk, walk or eat, and the children are learning to care for her. It has only been a week since she joined us, and there has already been some great learning. Sharing Ella is not easy, we are 13 and she is one, so we really have to work hard on taking turns. Ella is teaching us to be caring and gentle with others, as she does not like it if we pull her or argue over her. We are truly looking forward to a whole year learning with her.

Miss Valentina Nursery 3 Teacher