The Grade 5’s Time Travel to a Medieval Monastery Scriptorium!

What better way to get a feel for life in medieval monasteries than to spend some time in one? The Grade 5’s have done some time traveling of late, going back about one thousand years to a European Benedictine monastery. There, they worked on letters to prospective oblates, experienced the meticulous and lengthy process of medieval calligraphy with an ink pen, and created an illuminated manuscript using a gold leaf. “What if they made a mistake with the ink? They had to start all over again!” exclaimed one student, thinking about the long hours monks spent in scriptoriums each day, copying texts. Students even explored the self-sufficiency of the monasteries, noting all the wholesome goods they produced. It’s no wonder the “monk” labels are still used in so many advertisements and packaging today!  Time travel is adventurous and eye opening, but the Grade 5’s were happy to come back to 2019, to their erasable pens, photocopiers, and computers!

Mara Tramontin
Grade 5 teacher