Safe crossing

Dear Parents, We feel that as educators, we have an important role in helping children become aware of Road Safety. In November, we dedicated an assembly to the topic of how to cross the road in a safe manner. Ms Valentina taught us a song to help us remember to ‘STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN BEFORE YOU CROSS THE ROAD’. Each class practiced holding on to a peer’s hand or to a guiding rope while walking and crossing. We then had the opportunity to put the ‘stop, look and listen’ rule to good use at the crossroads during our walking trip to the park.  You, as parents, take the time to make sure the cars you drive are safe for you and your children by checking that airbags and carseats are working properly. We ask that you put the same time and consideration in helping your children cross the parking lot safely especially during arrival and dismissal times at school, reinforcing their learning at school;  in the last few weeks, we have seen ECC children walking across the parking lot without holding anyone’s hand, or running to and from the building without checking for oncoming traffic. We ask you to please help by holding your child’s hand when you go across the road, and reminding your child to cross using the pedestrian crossing.  We ask you to support our commitment to keep all children safe on school campus and everywhere, and help the UIS community be as safe as it can be!

Ms Nilva  ECC Coordinator