Readers, Writers and everything in between

If you walk into our Kindergarten classroom, you will find signs everywhere that we are becoming brilliant readers and writers. Our Unit of Learning, ‘Once Upon a Time’, has sparked a flurry of conversation about settings and characters, Good and Bad Wolves, castles, cottages and forests.
You may find us comparing different versions of Little Red Riding Hood, acting out the stories we know using puppets, writing our own fantasy stories, reading books we wrote to our peers, or spotting Word Wall words in the books we are reading. We can read longer real and nonsense words, applying all the Phonics skills we have learned, and we have been writing invitations, menus, letters, notes, lists and labels. We can share our stories with peers and teachers and we are starting to learn ways to make our writing even better by re-reading and editing. Some of us are adding speech bubbles and even author notes to our stories! As we grow our Literacy skills, we can sit for longer amounts of time to work in our journals and we can listen to and understand more complex stories. We are now ready to join Ms Banu in the library for story time…’big building’ here we come!

Ms Nilva