Nursery 3, here we come!

As the end of this school year approaches, we are looking back at how much we have grown since September; our teachers and families are impressed with what we have achieved this year! This last couple of weeks, all ECC classes have worked on transitioning, skills and activities to get ready for next year. Kindergarten spent some time with Grade 1, Nursery 4 have shortened their quiet rest time, and Nursery 3 have started to tidy up their utensils and tables after lunch. In Pre-Nursery the changes have been many. We started off small and shy, some of us not speaking much and still needing lots of help with daily tasks. Now, we are confident, showing interest in each other, increasingly playing together and learning to take turns. Our communication skills have remarkably improved, both in Italian and English. We are able to concentrate for longer periods of time, thus enjoying stories, puzzles and sorting games. Some of us are independent in the bathroom and in getting dressed, often lending a hand to those who need help. We have become quite skilful in using materials such as drawing utensils, glue, paint and scissors. We have shown to be ready for small trips and we have even started having lunch in the big ECC lunch room. We really look forward to Nursery 3!

Karin Pennetier Pre-Nursery teacher