Money collected for E.N.P.A.

Dear Families,

We have put together the money collected in the last 2 bake sales and went to the pet shop to buy bags of dog and cat food needed at the animal shelter. We also dropped off a carload full of blankets, towels and all other things you have donated. Ms Elena, responsible at the Parco Rifugio E.N.P.A was really surprised to see how much stuff we collected! She told me to say THANKS to our school community for your generosity and support. With the money collected, we bought special food for cats who are really sick right now; they cannot eat regular food and have to be fed through a feeding tube.
We also bought food bags for the big dog in the picture and others like him who have stomach and bone problems, and other issues, and they need a different type of food for their special diet!
Well done everyone!

Ms Nilva