Pyjama Day, what a day!

On the last day of school before Winter Break, children and teachers from the ECC came to school wearing their pyjamas. All classes met together in the foyer area, forming a huge circle, and listened to the story “The Snowman” (by Raymond Briggs) read by Ms. Nilva. After the story, Ms. Giuliana delighted us with a special snack for the occasion: hot chocolate and tasty pumpkin bread rolls! After this delicious snack, we danced and shared songs from our respective classes. The children were then invited to spend the rest of the morning exploring ‘choosing time’ through different stations with various resources from every class: dress-up clothes and props, train sets, jumbo Lego, playdough, arts and crafts items and utensils… This was a great occasion for children of different ages to use new materials and to interact with each other.  After tidying up and a little trip to the bathroom, the whole ECC reunited again in the lunch room, a great occasion for Pre-Nursery students to join their older peers and to feel part of a bigger group! To end this special party, we all gathered in the Kindergarten classroom and watched the movie “The Snowman” inspired by the story by Raymond Briggs. What a fun day!

Karin Pennetier Pre-Nursery teacher