Grade Eight Surrealism

A trip through the surreal minds of our Grade 8’s could be an illuminating journey. Last term in Art the students investigated the lives and works of surrealist artists and illustrators. Kush, Rene Magritte, H.R. Giger and Salvador Dali were among the most popular of these artists. However, the works of illustrator Edward Gorey were less liked, and some students felt his style was just too creepy! Students then created collages from magazines and newspapers, building their surreal image with interesting pictures (always remembering that they would also have to draw them later). Next, the students drew grids over their collage in pen (a challenging task), before transposing the image onto paper. For their final piece, the students used pen and ink techniques to complete their surrealist vision. Some students added a tiny amount of colour to make their finished picture more interesting.

Spencer Green Middle School Art Teacher