Grade 5 Students Pay It Forward!

“Mr Green, Friday 22nd February is World Thinking Day… and Grade 5’s turn to lead assembly for the Elementary School.”
We needed a plan:
1. We worked out who wanted to say lots of words. Lots of students didn’t, but they had to say something!
2. The assembly will be about an idea called Paying It Forward. When someone does something kind for you, you do something kind for some else and they do something kind for someone else. You get the idea. One element that helps us to learn is repetition. So we had a group who had to repeat Paying It Forward every time it was mentioned in the main assembly.
3. A similar concept ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ calls for us all to get used to doing kind things, just because they are good things to do. Thus the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ repeaters were created.
4. Speaking students had a sentence or two to learn by heart.
5. All good assemblies have a bit of movement too, so Grade 5 learned to hand jive. Mr Green is NOT good at dancing though, so Mrs Green stepped in to help!
The plan was to speak confidently and slowly. To relax and enjoy the assembly. To say ‘Paying It Forward’ and ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ in jolly, “this is interesting” voices. To hand jive in the correct order. Not to let Mr Green talk too much.

Did we achieve all that? Yes, we think so, we had fun anyway!

Spencer Green
Gr 5 teacher