Pumpkins, pumpkins!

In Italy and other countries of the Northern Hemisphere, pumpkins are harvested in Autumn and later prepared in a variety of ways to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Thanks to one of our... read more

Food Maths

For the Autumn Food Drive we asked you to donate some food to be given to the less fortunate. What for you took a simple look in the kitchen cupboard or a trip to... read more

We are responsible!

Grade 1 had the pleasure of hosting the Elementary assembly on October 26th, presenting a dance and song about “Responsibility”. In Social Studies, they have been discussing families, reflecting on how they are different... read more

Rough Times In Grade 6!

So … why is a tortoise’s shell not smooth? Think about it! It’s rough and bumpy! Grade 6 read an African folk tale version of the story this October. Then they acted it out... read more

Autumn Reflections

After numerous hot days, Autumn has finally arrived! With great interest, the Grade 2 students have been observing signs of the season in the school garden and all around them. They have noticed the... read more

Learning to be together in Pre-Nursery

After adjusting to their new classroom, the children in Pre-Nursery are now learning to come together as a group, which means that at various moments of the day, all children sit or move together.... read more

Grade 8 Social Studies

Grade 8 is studying WWI this term and will be working on different projects, including the Russian Revolution. There were many  long term causes for the war but the catalyst was the assassination of... read more

What is Assembly?

In this week’s Newsletter article, I thought I would explain a little bit about Assembly, which takes place every Thursday morning in the ECC. Assemblies were introduced last year as a great opportunity for... read more

Dem Bones

Grade 5 has been investigating the human body. They started with human outlines then added in as many organs bones and body systems as possible. The skeletal system is the foundation of the human... read more