UIS Reads!

This school year there is a brand new Inter-House competition at The Udine International School. The UIS Reads program tracks the amount of pages each student in Middle School reads, and adds them together... read more

Viva la scuola!

Come ogni anno anche le insegnanti, come gli studenti, sono emozionate di ricominciare la scuola . Dopo gli ultimi preparativi, la programmazione, le riunioni, i cartelloni colorati e la sistemazione delle aule finalmente abbiamo... read more

Bungee Jumping Physics

Grade 8’s have started their year by investigating energy transfers. Everything you do in life involves energy transfers! In order to understand how energy transfers work we looked into the physics behind bungee jumping.... read more

Nursery 3, here we come!

As the end of this school year approaches, we are looking back at how much we have grown since September; our teachers and families are impressed with what we have achieved this year! This last... read more

Water Games Day

To cap off a rewarding and fun-filled year at UIS, our students (and teachers) took part in our newly introduced Water Games Day. Grades 1 to 8 competed in their Houses in a variety... read more

Exams Update

FRENCH AND GERMAN - FOREIGN LANGUAGE CERTIFICATION EXAMRecently, the Grade 8 students sat their language certification exam for French and German. We are pleased to announce that all students passed their exams with outstanding... read more

InterSek 2018: una prova di condivisione

Quest’anno, per la prima volta, la The Udine International School ha partecipato all’InterSek, una gara che si snoda su molteplici tematiche di carattere culturale tra tutte le scuole del circuito IES-SEK, svoltasi a Budapest.... read more

Getting to Know Ourselves, Others, and Nature

As the UIS Grade 5 students packed their backpacks for their 3-day trip to Forni di Sopra, they didn’t forget to include their spirit of adventure, flexibility, and determination. These qualities certainly came in... read more

What an assembly!

In the ECC, children have been learning about different creatures: Kindergarten are taking care of 2 fish in their classroom, Nursery 4 have a collection of snails, Nursery 3 are watching their silk worms... read more

La legalità a scuola

Prendendo spunto da un estratto dal romanzo per ragazzi "Per questo mi chiamo Giovanni" di Luigi Garlando e per ricordare l'importanza della giornata della legalità che ogni 23 maggio viene celebrata in Italia, la... read more