Grade 5 Students Pay It Forward!

“Mr Green, Friday 22nd February is World Thinking Day… and Grade 5’s turn to lead assembly for the Elementary School.” We needed a plan: 1. We worked out who wanted to say lots of words. Lots of... read more

Electrifying! Energetic!

In Term 2, the young scientists in Grade 6 have begun their inquiry into the world of physics. By looking at the world around us, we have started to understand some key concepts regarding... read more

100 Days Smarter!

Have you ever tried to count to 100 in 100 seconds? Or stand on one foot while counting to 100? What about giving 100 handshakes? In Kindergarten we tried these and other challenges related... read more

Respecting the Environment

The environment has been changing over the years and not for the better. Pollution, deforestation, overfishing, plastic and species extinction is mostly manmade but affects, at the same time, human, animal and all nations... read more

Benvenuti al Polo Sud

Chi non vorrebbe farsi un giro al Polo Sud per conoscere un’allegra colonia di simpatici pinguini? La classe seconda lo ha fatto… grazie alla fantasia e alla naturale immaginazione dei bambini! I nostri piccoli studenti hanno... read more

Visita Ispettore CIS

Nelle giornate di martedì 15 e giovedì 16 gennaio, un ispettore del CIS (Council of International Schools) ha fatto visita alla nostra scuola. La UIS già a dicembre del 2015 ha ottenuto il prestigioso... read more

Around The World with G2!

In these past few weeks, G2 has been discovering that the world is full of regions that are very different from each other in terms of traditions, clothing, food and celebrations. We have discovered... read more

Vendo Casa!

In Grade 6 our enthusiastic architects have drawn their own house project, labelled it and described it in a small presentation to the class. This activity gave them the opportunity to learn and practice... read more