Grade 8 Social Studies

Grade 8 is studying WWI this term and will be working on different projects, including the Russian Revolution. There were many  long term causes for the war but the catalyst was the assassination of... read more

What is Assembly?

In this week’s Newsletter article, I thought I would explain a little bit about Assembly, which takes place every Thursday morning in the ECC. Assemblies were introduced last year as a great opportunity for... read more

Dem Bones

Grade 5 has been investigating the human body. They started with human outlines then added in as many organs bones and body systems as possible. The skeletal system is the foundation of the human... read more

Grade 7s catching their breath

In the first few weeks of Term 1 our Grade 7’s have been honing their sprinting technique and developing the team spirit among the class. Various games and activities have shown them the importance... read more

European Day of Languages at UIS

On the 26th of September, we celebrated the European Day of Languages. Every year, millions of people in the Council's member states and elsewhere organise or take part in activities to promote linguistic diversity.... read more

Grade 2’s Classify Garden Animals

The children in Grade 2 have been learning about animals in Science, classifying them into two main groups: vertebrates and invertebrates. Moreover, the children have been exploring more specific groups based on similar characteristics,... read more

Re-bonjour à tous!

Grade 7 and Grade 8 students have dedicated the first weeks of September in doing some revision of the French program from the previous academic year. It has been an opportunity for them to... read more