A colpi di giallo

Secondo il programma di quinta previsto, in questo periodo dell’anno scolastico, durante le ore di antologia si affronta il testo giallo. È un momento davvero atteso in quanto si tratta di una tipologia testuale... read more

Alla scoperta del FVG

Si è concluso questa settimana il progetto di geografia “Alla scoperta del FVG” che la classe 5G ha intrapreso all’inizio del mese di novembre. Ogni settimana gli studenti hanno esposto le loro ricerche dedicate... read more

Discovering the wonderful world of Netball

During the first term at UIS, our Middle School students have been learning about the wonderful sport of netball. The history, rules and traditions were explained thoroughly, and this helped our students understand the... read more

Safe crossing

Dear Parents, We feel that as educators, we have an important role in helping children become aware of Road Safety. In November, we dedicated an assembly to the topic of how to cross the... read more

Grade 5 Recipe

Take some red blood cells (strawberries), white blood cells (marshmallows), a lot of tiny sprinkles (platelets) and some plasma (pineapple juice). Whizz it all up in a blender and what do you get? A... read more

Celebration of IES/SEK Board of Directors

The Udine International was honoured to receive the IES/SEK Board of Directors at the school on Saturday 24th November. The Directors were welcomed by students who gave them a tour around the building, explaining... read more

Thankful hearts in Grade 2!

In the occasion of Thanksgiving, the Grade 2 students reflected on what gratitude is and what they are thankful for. To begin, the children watched a video to help them reflect on what is... read more

Welcome Ella the Elephant!

When I was thinking about possible projects for this school year, I had a conversation with the other teachers, wondering whether I should once again introduce a take-home stuffed animal. When I asked Ms... read more

Grade 3 Adventure in Marano

On Tuesday November 13th Grade 3 travelled back in time to the Stone Age at the ArIa area in Marano. With the help of a young university student, the children imagined what life was... read more

Human Calculators? That’s us, in Grade 4!!

If you walk by the Grade 4 class and hear wheels turning and churning, don’t be alarmed! It’s just the Grade 4 students busy at work learning and applying mental strategies in calculation work.... read more