Shapes are everywhere!

In Nursery 3 we learnt all about shapes, mostly in terms of understanding that shapes are everywhere in the environment, and that many familiar objects,which we can find even in our class, are in fact... read more

Cooperative Learning In Grade 5

Grade 5 historians as UIS have been delving into the past, examining various sources to enhance their understanding of the medieval feudal system. Different groups became experts on various aspects of life at the... read more

UIS Grade Two’s Explore Shapes and Patterns

The Swiss-born painter, Paul Klee, who greatly admired the art of children himself, would have been amazed to see the Grade Two artists experimenting with shapes and patterns as he did. Using Klee’s simplistic... read more

Grade 6 English Literature

Over the last couple of weeks in our English Literature class, the Grade 6 students have been asking themselves - "Why do we read?" - and have come up with some interesting answers. They applied... read more

A work in progress

“This is my first idea. It is the best idea I am ever going to have. This is the idea I want to use”. For some artists, the process of creating, developing and finally... read more

Around the world in one assembly

ECC students and staff took a trip around the world in a special ECC Assembly during International Week! Mrs Green started our trip and took us to Russia by sharing a beautiful set of... read more

Money collected for E.N.P.A.

Dear Families,We have put together the money collected in the last 2 bake sales and went to the pet shop to buy bags of dog and cat food needed at the animal shelter. We... read more

Developing fine motor skills with new tools

Pre-Nursery students are marching through March towards a new season, ready for more learning in this busy school year! Fighting against the last cold days, they are full of energy, eager to develop and... read more

Lezione di geografia con nonna Licia

La scorsa settimana, entrambe le sezioni di Grade 5 sono state coinvolte in un approfondimento durante le ore di geografia. In un periodo dell’anno in cui gli studenti si stanno dedicando allo studio del... read more