Welcome Simba!

The Nursery 3 children are so excited to have a new friend in their classroom, Simba! He comes all the way from South Africa and has come to join our class this year. The... read more

Lightbulb Moments – Grade 6 Physics

This term Grade 6 have been studying physics and are currently learning about circuits. This unit applies the concept of energy to electrical circuits. In particular, they learn that while current is not used up... read more

Collaborative Creations

In the past few weeks Grade 4 has been re-using pages from old magazines to make unique paper filigree snowflakes for the UIS Charity Craft Sale.They patiently glued miniscule tubes of paper together, painted... read more

Hands-on learning

A great way to get kids ready for writing is by creating lots of opportunities for manipulation, which strengthens hands and fingers. Aside for playdough and rice, in Nursery 4 we have started to... read more

Running for Charity

In a very freezing town centre, UIS took part in the Telethon 24hour running relay. Our School was represented by four teams made up by parents, students, teachers and secretaries who volunteered for their 1-hour... read more

Creativity for Charity

As part of our charity projects, a group of Grade 2 parents is organising a craft fair to collect funds in favour of cancer research. The fair will take place at school on 14th... read more

Can you draw a reasonably lifelike face?

It is hard. Especially making them look ‘real’.It is even harder to teach someone how to draw a face, while maintaining their creativity. To show that that they are not ‘doing wrong’, but rather,... read more

Sharing Our Harvest

Everywhere we look in this season, there are signs of harvest and crop gathering – pumpkins, chestnuts, mushrooms. The members of the UIS community decided to extend the abundance we are fortunate to have... read more