“I’m still learning!” (Michelangelo, 87)

Following in Michelangelo’s footsteps, the UIS community fosters and promotes an outlook of lifelong-learning. One such example was seen recently, when a curious and motivated group of parents and grandparents met in the Elementary Section for a workshop on the Singapore Math philosophy and methodology. Exploring and discussing recent Maths studies and trends, the participants tried their hand at using concrete manipulatives, as their children do during Maths activities at school. As Maths pedagogy has undergone significant growth in recent years, parents learned first-hand how to better help their children grow as mathematicians outside of school as well. The next “learning” and discussion workshop will be held on Wednesday March 7th at 15:00, in the Elementary Building, with a focus on “Social Media For Kids”. All are invited!

Mara Tramontin Grade 5 teacher