Grade 7 Exchange

I had the privilege of escorting 12 of our Grade 7 students to Sidmouth as part of the IES exchange program. The students were able to experience what it means to be a student in England by participating in lessons such as cooking, drama, science, mathematics, history and swimming. They also got to explore the city of Exeter where they visited the Exeter Cathedral and Underground tunnels, and of course there was time for some shopping! Some of the boys stayed in the boarding house so they were able to get a taste of living as a boarder, which they really enjoyed. I cannot speak highly enough of these students as they were constantly being complemented by teachers and members of the public on their manners and their excellent levels of English. I am so proud of them. It was also lovely to see them act as a UIS family and support one another, and myself when needed! We are looking forward to seeing our new friends from St Johns when they visit us in May.

Miss Rodas Head of Middle School and Grade 7 Tutor