Grade 3 Join Forces with Captain Planet

On Tuesday May 7th after finishing their study of soil in the environment and as a way of beginning the new unit on plants, the students of grade 3 had a video conference with a Marine Biologist specialized in Soil also known as Captain Planet who lives and works in Florida, USA.  He greeted the children with a Lakota (Native American) greeting, first spoken in the Lakota language and then translated into English so that we might understand: I acknowledge the thunder, the buffalo, the elk and the nation of energy in all living things. Dream well children, for you become what you dream. Captain Planet then noticed that the students had reusable water bottles and complimented them warmly for already doing something that helps the environment greatly. The conversation proceeded with some interesting observations and questions on the part of the students. Particularly they talked with Captain Planet about how healthy soil can help combat climate change.  The students already knew how important forests are because they capture CO2 and release Oxygen, but were excited to discover that underwater plants could actually do much more than land plants. In particular, sea grass was mentioned and the kids were excited to realize that our own Adriatic Sea is an important habitat for sea grass – Posidonia Oceanica. Captain Planet has asked the students to come up with more questions that he will happily answer. How inspiring and hopeful for the children (and their teacher) to be able to connect with a person who is so dedicated and active in helping the environment.

Ms Paola
Grade 3 teacher