Getting to Know Ourselves, Others, and Nature

As the UIS Grade 5 students packed their backpacks for their 3-day trip to Forni di Sopra, they didn’t forget to include their spirit of adventure, flexibility, and determination. These qualities certainly came in handy in our action-packed explorations, from meandering through the trees like Tarzan in the Adventure Park, to mountain biking, climbing exercises, hikes, and treasure hunts. Sometimes experiencing fear, doubt, or plain fatigue, the activities helped us to recognize and often overcome our own limits, leading us to be aware of the characteristics and needs of others, as well, and lending each other a helping hand where possible. The trip certainly afforded numerous magical moments: singing a song together, sharing impressions of the day, recounting funny experiences, waiting in silence together in the Dolomites Natural Park as a lynx passed directly ahead, and absorbing the wondrous smells and sounds of the mountain environment. The trip definitely gave us a chance to grow as individuals and as a team. The Grade 5’s thank Mrs. Green for accompanying us on our adventure, and for her cheerful, encouraging presence!  Mara Tramontin Grade 5 teacher