As you may know, last Saturday parents and teachers worked on getting our garden going: they ploughed, they bought and brought plants and flowers, and spruced up our playground with splashes of colour. Each class has two rows to plant in; now it is Grade 7‘s turn. Why are we doing this? Gardening is fun and educational and allows the students to develop an understanding of where fresh food comes from; it also teaches a skill that can last them a lifetime. At times, no matter how you try a plant may not make it, this becomes an opportunity for the teacher to explain that sometimes things happen through no one’s fault. It’s one of life’s mysteries. Having a garden teaches patience because plants take time, care and attention to develop just like children. Whether a garden is tiny, or immense one thing is clear; a gardener feels a sense of satisfaction when the tomatoes and cucumbers are ready to be picked, and the scent of herbs and flowers fill the air. In conclusion, we all had fun and learned a lot.

Mrs. Savoini MS Literature & G6 Social Studies teacher