Exploring snow through play and having fun together

On Wednesday the town of Udine was awakened by a beautiful sight: snowflakes softly falling from the sky on a cold winter day. The ECC was filled with excitement, the children enthusiastically asking if they could go outside to touch, see and play with the snow. So, we put on our outdoor gear, and in a flurry of gloves, scarves and hats off we went to the playground to begin our exploration. It was with joy and curiosity that the N4 students played alongside their Kindergarten and Pre-nursery peers.
Many students wanted to know how snow tastes, so they were seen in groups trying to catch a snowflake with their tongues sticking out and their mouths wide open, what a funny view! Some of them challenged each other to see who could catch more snowflakes with their tongues, while others went to the mud kitchen working together to prepare special ice cream treats, made of snow, of course! What started as using their hands to feel the softness of the flakes, soon turned into pressing the snow together to make small snowballs to throw, quickly becoming a contagious and thrilling game!
Some students figured out that if they used the shovels instead of their hands, they could gather bigger amounts of snow – how clever! Some were seen around the playground collecting the snow into their wheelbarrows, some stood quietly, contemplating the scene and just enjoying the magic of the moment.

Ms Adriana