Exploring Ancient Greek Daily Life

As part of their Social Studies program, students in Grade 4 have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. They delved enthusiastically into their learning and explored daily life, the arts, sports, colonies and religion. As they explored this fascinating civilization, they discovered what an important role religion played in the Ancient Greeks’ everyday life. Specifically, they learned the characteristics, symbols, powers and myths of the twelve Olympians. Then, students chose a specific God to research, wrote both a non-fiction text and a poem about that god and then built a temple in their honor, as the ancient Greeks did, but on a slightly smaller scale! They included the symbols and even the statue of the god. The temples also showcase the stunning architecture that has been passed on to modern Western Civilization, specifically one of the three orders of columns: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

Paola Gandrus Grade 4A teacher