Developing fine motor skills with new tools

Pre-Nursery students are marching through March towards a new season, ready for more learning in this busy school year! Fighting against the last cold days, they are full of energy, eager to develop and learn new skills in our mark-making and crafts area. Along with free play activities such as building with Lego, assembling puzzle pieces or playing with playdough, the children are strengthening their muscles and coordination through guided activities such as drawing, painting, tearing, cutting and pasting. After a short demonstration on how to use scissors safely, the children expressed interest in trying to cut their own colorful scraps. At this stage in their development, they often need help to hold the scissors and are still experimenting with the best way to position their hand for cutting. After cutting, the children continued to use their fine motor skills, practicing glue dripping and spreading to create with the scraps, and marvelling at their sticky fingers!

Karin Pennetier
Pre-Nursery teacher