Celebrating Spring, rain or shine!

With the beginning of Spring, Pre-Nursery students are experiencing the outdoor area in different ways. On warmer days, no more hat, scarf and jacket! After a good rest, the children are happy to go out and take part in a running race. On rainy days, they become excited to get dressed in their rain gear, looking like astronauts ready to explore a ‘new’ environment. The first thing that attracts their attention is the presence of water on the ground, on the toys, and on the climbing structures. The children have different approaches: some stir the water with sticks, others enjoy touching it with their hands, and a few look for bigger puddles to splash into. With the change of season, there is a renewed interest for natural items: small daisies, freshly grown grass and leaves, pinecones and feathers. We are ready and looking forward to starting planting our own plants!

Karin Pennetier
Pre-Nursery teacher