Celebrating Mother’s/Woman’s Day

Last Friday, we had a special celebration for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, family friends and caretakers in the ECC. During the whole week, the children were looking forward to this day, preparing cards, making small crafts, learning poems or songs.
On Friday morning, Nursery 3, Nursery 4 and Kindergarten students welcomed their female guests, shared group time and became involved in various activities around the classroom. In the afternoon, it was Pre-Nursery children’s turn to host their guests. We first read one of their favorite stories, “Are you my mother?” by P.D.
Eastman which tells the adventure of a hatchling bird who meets all kinds of animals and objects in his search for his mother until he happily reunites with her. After the story, we all went to prepare a special snack with bread, bananas, jam and chocolate spread – yummy! Our little ones also enjoyed moving around the classroom with their guest and sharing some of their favorite toys. Thank you to all mothers and women for joining us on this special occasion!
Karin Pennetier
Pre-Nursery teacher