The Campus

The Udine International School is located in the quiet greenery of the Istituto “Monsignor F. Tomadini”, a campus equipped with the latest state-of-the-art sports and recreational facilities, ideally situated on the outskirts of the town of Udine with convenient and easy access by car or public transportation. The immaculately kept gardens and wooded area, nestled in a serene and natural environment, offer a tranquil setting close to the city centre.

Main Building

The Elementary and Middle School Section is located in the main building of the compound and comprises three floors. The building has direct access to the auditorium, gymnasium and swimming pool. The Main Building houses the cafeteria as well as various specially equipped classrooms: the Science Room, the Computer Lab, WI-FI system throughout the school, the Art Room and the Library with a rich selection of reading and reference books and DVDs in English, Italian, French and German.



Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center is housed in a recently constructed building designed to provide the ideal environment for a child’s academic and personal development. The Center has bright and colourful classrooms containing the latest didactic and playtime equipment, the cafeteria and a large common area where children can take part in activities outside their main classroom such as theatre and shows. It is surrounded by a spacious and secure garden/playground area.



Other Facilities

The Udine International School is equipped with a modern kitchen where a hot and nutritious lunch is prepared daily. Sports facilities include a playground, volleyball court and basketball court.
The Istituto Tomadini also includes an Olympic size heated indoor swimming pool. Our students can enrol in courses (starting from the age of three) organised by the Unione Nuoto Friuli after school hours. Group lessons are organised according to the age and level of the children.
Elementary & Middle School students have access to a large indoor gymnasium with numerous sports facilities. The gymnasium is used during physical education lessons and for indoor extra-curricular sports activities. The Istituto Tomadini also includes a vast soccer field immersed in the quiet greenery of the compound.
The Auditorium, which is located in the main building, can be used by students for theatre, school shows or for important ceremonies.
The Istituto Tomadini compound includes a vast parking area with numerous parking spots.