UIS Summer Camp 2018 and Summer Camp at St. John’s School (UK)


June 25th – August 3rd
2 – 13 years of age.

The linguistic and recreational activities of our Summer Camp are organised, co-ordinated and animated by English mother tongue speakers and supported by our bi-lingual Italian staff and associates.

Our Summer Camp students have fun while learning and perfecting their English language skills through personalized courses and activities.

The activities are all carried out in English (with the exception of some workshops), within the grounds of the Udine International School. Students will be placed into appropriately aged groups. Each child will have the opportunity to sign up for their own programme of activities each week.

The UIS English Speaking Summer School is the ideal place for your child to have fun and make new friends while improving their English.

Organic meals for lunch are designed in collaboration with the health authority and are prepared daily in our well-equipped kitchen.


doors open:7:45
Inside/outside guided activities:08:30-09:00
Theme and elective activities/Water play/Round up and Review of the day09:00-16:00

Linguistic Activities / Recreational Activities / Computer Studies / Science Club
Cooking Lessons

Mosaic workshop, archeological club, yoga lessons, vegan cooking classes, science experiment club, rugby and sports, pool, music, library

Artistic Activities / Motor Activities / Outdoor Activities

FULL IMMERSION ENGLISH as well as specialized daily lessons, languages and culture comparison activities.

For further information and registrations, please contact our Secretariat:
Tel.: 0432 541119
Fax: 0432 401625
e-mail: lavinia.pezzetta@iesmail.com

   Autorizzazione Comune di Udine  ai sensi della L.R. 13/2000


For more information about the summer camp at St. John’s School in England, please contact Lavinia (lavinia.pezzetta@iesmail.com)

Per ulteriori informazioni sul centro estivo presso la St. John’s School in Inghilterra, potete mettervi in contatto con Lavinia  (lavinia.pezzetta@iesmail.com