Homework Policy

Students at UIS are engaged in a full day of study from 8:10 to 15:50. For this reason, it is the policy of the school to carefully regulate the amount of homework given to its students. Homework tasks are intended to complement the learning taking place at school, while also respecting the school’s belief that activities such as sport, cultural pursuits, unstructured play and rest are all an important part of a child’s development. Homework Tasks set will be directly connected to the work that is taking place in the classroom and be age and developmentally appropriate.
Tasks may take the form of:

Reading: All students in all grades are expected to be reading in both English and Italian each night.

Review and Reinforcement: In core subjects, teachers may assign small amounts of student specific work to assist with areas of weakness, to extend student learning or to consolidate work completed in class.

Research Assignments: Students may be asked to begin exploring a topic or concept at home or to extend their classroom learning using additional sources available to them away from school.

Completing Unfinished work: If students have not used their time effectively in class, there may be activities they need to complete at home during the evening.

  • At the start of the year during class meetings, all teachers will outline to students and parents the homework expectations for their Grade/Class. The time allocated for reading and other forms of Homework will gradually increase as students become older with 10 -15 minutes total per day the expectations in Grade 1, through to a minimum total of one (1) hour per night in the Middle School. Other than reading, it is not expected that students will have something from the above list to be completed every single day. Homework tasks should not be given with the expectation that they are completed the next day.
  • In the Elementary School, the English and Italian teachers will work together to co-ordinate the assigning of homework to ensure that workloads do not become excessive and students have adequate time for other activities.
  • In the Middle School, staff will co-ordinate test dates to ensure that students are not reviewing for more than two subjects on any given night.
  • All students in the school will make use of their homework diary to record both the details of any task that needs to be completed as well as the due date for assignments or tests that are coming up. If students are unable to complete homework tasks for any reason, parents should contact the teacher concerned via the homework diary. Incomplete homework will need to be caught up, irrespective of the circumstances.
  • Parents who are concerned about homework should always speak to the teacher concerned in the first instance and thereafter to the section or subject co-ordinator.