The Importance and Benefits of International Education

As part of the festivities celebrating our ten years of activity, on September 14th 2013 The Udine International School organised a round table entitled: “The Importance & Benefits of International Education”. The following is an abstract of the proceedings:

We live in a rapidly changing world which is becoming more and more globalised, complex, diversified and economically, technologically and environmentally enmeshed.
In order to become an active and important part of tomorrow’s citizenship, today’s students must understand and master diversity, learn how to cooperate with others whether they be local, national or international and open their minds to the innovation and versatility which comes from inter-cultural and international experiences.
International education provides our future decision makers with the skills and knowledge necessary to become an active part of this ever-expanding community of cultures and nations and will give them a head start for a successful and smooth transition from education to professional life.

International education gives students many important benefits:

  • develops a keen understanding of internationalism and inter-cultural perception;
  • expands horizons for research and learning, thus creating more opportunities and enhancing quality and innovation;
  • creates and develops wider networks of contacts in the educational as well as professional fields;
  • stimulates open-mindedness and quells prejudice;
  • provides all the benefits and advantages linked to multilingualism.

Sources of information:
The Province of Manitoba (Canada)
Journal of Studies in International Education

Round table participants:
Alberto Felice DE TONI
Chancellor, University of Udine
President, The International School of Trieste
Massimo PERSIC
Associate Professor, INAF/Osservatore Astronomico di Trieste
The Udine International School Foundation