The Foundation

The Udine International School (UIS) is a non-profit Foundation whose main statutory objective is the promotion of international culture and education.

In order to pursue its aims, The Udine International School organises, conducts and administers educational and training programs as well as cultural activities and refresher courses. These activities pursue the objectives of the Foundation and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Within the framework of European Union guidelines, The Udine International School promotes co-operation with other Italian or foreign institutions having similar objectives.

In order to pursue these objectives, in 2003 the Foundation established a school in Udine (Italy) with English as a teaching language, open to students of both sexes and all nationalities, comprising a Nursery School, Kindergarten, Elementary School and Middle School. In 2006, our founding partner, The International School of Trieste (IST), established an International High School in Trieste with a five-year program.

The Udine International School operates in conformity with the Statute of the Foundation and is governed by a Board of Directors to which a parent representative is elected every two years. The Director of the School is appointed by the Board of Directors of The International School of Trieste and is responsible for the educational and disciplinary functions of the School.

The educational programs of The Udine International School must be approved by the Board of Directors of The International School of Trieste which is responsible for issuing diplomas.

Diplomas issued by The Udine International School, through its founding partner The International School of Trieste, are legally recognized by Italian law (art. 10, comma 3, della Legge 29 gennaio 1986, n. 26).

The legal status of The Udine International School Foundation has been recognized by decree of the President of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia no. 0154/Pres., dated 11th May 2004.