Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to The Udine International School, where every day we are meeting the challenge to develop an international culture, versatility of knowledge and the capacity for individual growth in each and every one of our students.

Sarah-Jane Green The Principal

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in The Udine International School.

The Udine International School is now in its 14th year of leading the way in delivering a world class International Education in the Udine area. The school was started in 2003 through a joint initiative with its founding partner, The International School of Trieste, which is responsible for issuing diplomas fully and legally recognized by Italian law (art. 10, comma 3, della Legge 29 gennaio 1986, no. 26) specifically designed for the school. Having opened our doors with 100 students, we now cater to about 220 boys and girls across the full range of classes from two years of age through to the end of Middle School.

Our student body represents over 25 different nationalities and the highly trained educators that make up our staff come from all over the world, bringing to Udine an outstanding level of pedagogy from a broad range of diverse educational systems where they have completed their training and gained their prior experience.

The school is divided into three sections: Early Childhood for students aged 2-5; Elementary School for students aged 6-10; Middle School for students aged 11-13. International High School at The International School of Trieste with a five-year course of studies.

We set high expectations for our diverse students in both academic and personal development, encouraging and supporting them to become global citizens of high integrity. Many of our accomplishments have grown from a strong home-school partnership, the success of which is centred on a true understanding of our Mission and Vision and of what is a truly International Education.

If this is your first experience becoming acquainted with The Udine International School, please do take the time to look through all of the sections of our website, where you will be able gain a clear insight into the school and our programs, as well as a sound understanding of who we are, what we value and how we can help shape your child’s future together.

The school is located in Udine, a beautiful city of rich historical and cultural importance and growing internationalism, in the quiet greenery of the Istituto “Monsignor F. Tomadini”, a campus with the latest state-of-the-art sports and recreational facilities, ideally situated on the outskirts of the city with convenient and easy access by car or public transportation.

For further information on our programs and to arrange a visit of the school, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Together with the staff, I look forward to offering you and your children a warm welcome into our school community and to starting that most important journey of lifelong education, here at The Udine International School.


On December 20th 2004, the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research – The Friuli-Venezia Giulia Regional Education Office – formally acknowledged the school’s operation.

The legal status of The Udine International School Foundation has been recognized by decree of the President of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia no. 0154/Pres., dated May 11th 2004.

Diplomas issued by The Udine International School, through its founding partner The International School of Trieste, are formally recognised by the Italian State:

“Vengono riconosciuti a tutti gli effetti i titoli rilasciati da The International School of Trieste. Il riconoscimento dei titoli è subordinato all’accertamento della conoscenza della lingua italiana da parte dei candidati, mediante prova d’esame.” Legge dello Stato (art. 10, comma 3, della Legge 29 gennaio 1986, no. 26)