A very important part of the The Udine International School philosophy is solidarity towards the less fortunate.
UIS sponsors several charity campaigns and organizes various fund raising events during the school year.

UIS sponsors two international projects:
Maman Paola” in the Republic of Congo and
Project for People” distance adoptions in India

as well as a local association:
Associazione “Luca” in favour of child cancer victims and their families in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region

UIS participates in the annual Telethon Udine’ Relay Race.

Our fund raising activities, organized by our students, by our staff as well as by our Parent Council, include bake sales, school calendar sales, Christmas crafts sales, student walkathon, food drive, used toys sale as well as other activities.

The generosity and participation of our families in these projects is really quite extraordinary. UIS would like to thank everyone for contributing to their success.

Project for People
Project for People is a non-profit organisation which has been operating since 1993. The organization carries out cooperation and development projects in India, Benin, Bosnia and Brazil benefitting more than 1 million people. The values of the organisation are respect for the local culture and diversity, faith in people and transparency. Therefore the promotion of local development is carried out through projects which are planned and implemented with local partners. Over the years, Project for People has enabled the creation of hospitals, doctor’s offices, houses, training for nurses and doctors, schools, microcredit banks and installation of drinkable water systems and healthcare structures. In addition, thanks to long-distance support, Project for People has carried out projects focusing on scholastic as well as nutritional education. UIS currently supports several children through distance adoption thanks to its school charity projects.


“Maman Paola” Hospital
This small clinic is situated in the town of Kalenda (Republic of Congo). The Director and Administrator of the clinic is Father Ilyunga Mayamba who is responsible for offering assistance to the local population, stricken with poverty and exposed to illness without hope of being treated (the nearest hospital is a ten-hour walk from the town). The hospital specialises in assisting women giving birth in an area where infant and mother mortality are very high. The project’s objective is also that of offering disease prevention information to the population so that they can be treated before the disease becomes fatal. The “Maman Paola” hospital functions as an obstetrics clinic as well as a centre for the treatment of malaria, infections, intestinal problems, fever, etc. This clinic gives hope to thousands of poor people unable to seek treatment in larger city hospitals. Since its inception, the hospital has considerably reduced infant and mother mortality.


Associazione Luca
“Associazione Luca” is a non profit organisation which operates solely in the realm of social solidarity. The aim of the association is that of offering assistance to families of children affected with malignant tumors and leukemia. The association operates principally in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in support of families with children affected by oncological/haematological pathologies residing in the region, as well as those from other regions in Italy or from abroad.
In 1999, Associazione Luca was created by the parents of Luca who together had faced the terrible battle against cancer. Luca’s desire to face life with a smile, even in its darkest moments, encouraged his parents to create an association aimed at helping families whose children are affected with oncological pathologies. After the initial years in which it was a small family affair, the association has now grown considerably thanks to the help of other families who had benefited from the services offered by the association. These new families have become members and have brought new energy into the association. Thanks to the generosity of these families as well as others who have offered their contribution, the association has obtained important results in the assistance of families in need.


Telethon 2016
On December 2nd and 3rd, four teams made up of UIS parents, staff and UIS alumni participated in the Telethon Udine 24-hour relay race. Participation in this event was proposed by an enthusiastic group of parents who have now made it an important appointment for the more athletic members of our school community. Funds raised during the Telethon relay races go towards genetic defects research.