A visit to the doctor

In Pre-Nursery, the children have been very interested in playing doctor. It is fascinating to see how knowledgeable they already are about how to use medical instruments from our doctor’s kit! Or how they can turn tools from our tool box into surgical instruments! At the beginning of the school year, they only took care of sick dolls, most of the time using the stethoscope, expertly placing the tubes on top of their own ears and the resonator against the patient’s chest. Then occasionally, they started checking on us teachers, making sure we were fit enough to be at work, lightly tapping on our knee with a reflex hammer – or any hammer they found in our tool box – or examining our ears with an otoscope. By now, they have created a kind of waiting room where patients line up, patiently waiting their turn to be checked by the doctor of the day. You may just get a bandage or an injection or may have to face surgery with a saw. Welcome to the Pre-Nursery doctor’s office!

Karin Pennetier Pre-Nursery teacher