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Welcome to The Udine International School, where every day we are meeting the challenge to develop an international culture, versatility of knowledge and the capacity for individual growth in each and every one of our students.

Sarah-Jane Green The Principal



Celebrating Mother’s/Woman’s Day

Last Friday, we had a special celebration for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, family friends and caretakers in the ECC. During the whole week, the children were looking forward to this day, preparing cards, making small crafts, learning poems or songs. On Friday morning, Nursery 3, Nursery 4 and Kindergarten students welcomed their female guests, shared group time and became involved in Continue Reading


Grade 3 Join Forces with Captain Planet

On Tuesday May 7th after finishing their study of soil in the environment and as a way of beginning the new unit on plants, the students of grade 3 had a video conference with a Marine Biologist specialized in Soil also known as Captain Planet who lives and works in Florida, USA.  He greeted the children with a Lakota (Native Continue Reading


Understanding Growth & Change

In order to get a concrete understanding of ‘Growth and change’, the Nursery 3 children have been working on two very exciting projects lately: a vegetable garden, and looking after caterpillars. Every day we observe what is happening, watching how plants grow and change, as little flowers, fruit, and vegetables come out of our plants. Our caterpillars are also growing very quickly, and every day Continue Reading


Sink or Float?

Grade 2 scientists have been exploring liquids and solids and how they react when combined. As part of their exploration, the students have been testing objects that sink or float, and drawing conclusions about the WHY and HOW of their observations. The children used and shared their newfound knowledge about materials and forms that float, in a group project, designing Continue Reading


Progetti di italiano

Come da consuetudine, anche quest’anno gli alunni di Grade 8 si sono cimentati nel ruolo di “insegnante” di fronte ai compagni di classe. Lo scopo di tale attività è infatti duplice, da una parte offre agli alunni la possibilità di parlare davanti ad un uditorio, esponendo un argomento a scelta di attualità o interesse comune, dall’altra, permette all’insegnante di valutarne Continue Reading


Le répertoire de la nature

Grade 7 students chose some letters of the French alphabet and created a poster of words based of animals, flowers, landscapes, vegetables and fruits. It was an opportunity for them to put into practice the topic of Nature and to review the vocabulary already studied. This activity was very interesting because it gave the Grade 7 students the chance to reflect Continue Reading