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Welcome to The Udine International School, where every day we are meeting the challenge to develop an international culture, versatility of knowledge and the capacity for individual growth in each and every one of our students.

Sarah-Jane Green The Principal



Human Calculators? That’s us, in Grade 4!!

If you walk by the Grade 4 class and hear wheels turning and churning, don’t be alarmed! It’s just the Grade 4 students busy at work learning and applying mental strategies in calculation work. In groups and individually, they are “playing” with numbers – times tables, number bonds, using place value to calculate, rounding, and estimating. An especially colourful activity Continue Reading


Pumpkins, pumpkins!

In Italy and other countries of the Northern Hemisphere, pumpkins are harvested in Autumn and later prepared in a variety of ways to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Thanks to one of our student’s parents who gave us sixteen small ‘Halloween’ pumpkins, the Nursery 4 students had the chance to closely observe these familiar, yet curious, vegetables for an entire week. Continue Reading


Food Maths

For the Autumn Food Drive we asked you to donate some food to be given to the less fortunate. What for you took a simple look in the kitchen cupboard or a trip to the supermarket, for us was a great learning opportunity. First, in Thursday’s Assembly, Ms Valentina invited us to think about giving hands as helpful hands. Sharing Continue Reading


We are responsible!

Grade 1 had the pleasure of hosting the Elementary assembly on October 26th, presenting a dance and song about “Responsibility”. In Social Studies, they have been discussing families, reflecting on how they are different and the same. They came up with a definition of family: a group of people that love and care for each other whether they live in Continue Reading


Rough Times In Grade 6!

So … why is a tortoise’s shell not smooth? Think about it! It’s rough and bumpy! Grade 6 read an African folk tale version of the story this October. Then they acted it out for themselves, having first adapted the story into a script and added dialogues for everyone. Unfortunately, it did end up with one poor student (Tortoise) sprawled Continue Reading


Autumn Reflections

After numerous hot days, Autumn has finally arrived! With great interest, the Grade 2 students have been observing signs of the season in the school garden and all around them. They have noticed the changes in weather, animals, and of course, the whirlwind of changing colors! Making autumn mandalas has given the students a chance to express their impressions, while Continue Reading