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Welcome to The Udine International School, where every day we are meeting the challenge to develop an international culture, versatility of knowledge and the capacity for individual growth in each and every one of our students.

Sarah-Jane Green The Principal



Tastes of Italy

Last week Grade 6 hosted a welcome food extravaganza for the exchange students from A Coruna, Spain, showcasing all their favourite foods. They created a very impressive menu and each student had to explain how the dish was made and why it was particular to this region. The Spanish students loved tasting all of the delicacies and it was very Continue Reading


Celebrating Spring: What we are finding outside

With the change of seasons, children in Pre-Nursery are experiencing the outdoor play area in a whole new way! They are showing particular interest in crawling creatures, finding worms, snails, beetles and ants. With some creatures, interestingly the ones that fly, they are learning to overcome their fear. Between attraction and revulsion for those creatures, the children are developing observation Continue Reading


“Scusi…per Poffabro?”

Nelle ultime tre settimane i miei ragazzi di quinta si sono visti impegnati in una ricerca laboratoriale in geografia, nell’ambito dello studio delle regioni. Nel dettaglio, sono state affidate delle ricerche individuali sui luoghi di rilievo storico, naturalistico o della tradizione popolare del Friuli – Venezia Giulia. Grazie agli approfondimenti degli studenti, abbiamo potuto virtualmente viaggiare attraverso borghi e paesaggi Continue Reading


Exploring Ancient Greek Daily Life

As part of their Social Studies program, students in Grade 4 have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. They delved enthusiastically into their learning and explored daily life, the arts, sports, colonies and religion. As they explored this fascinating civilization, they discovered what an important role religion played in the Ancient Greeks’ everyday life. Specifically, they learned the characteristics, symbols, Continue Reading


Intense Preparation for Padua Sports Day

In recent weeks, Grade 6 to 8 have intensified their preparations for Padua Sports Day during PE lessons. All classes have been refining their skills in the various sports they will be competing in on the day, namely Basketball, Football and Volleyball. It has been refreshing to see how the students have been helping each other out both technically and Continue Reading


Grade 8 in gita a Napoli

Dal 19 al 23 marzo gli alunni di Grade 8 assieme a Mr. Green, alla giuda, l’archeologa Francesca Benvegnù e alla Prof. Maricchio sono andati a visitare la splendida Napoli. Sono stati cinque giorni molto intensi, siamo partiti da Udine con la neve, ma speranzosi di trovare belle giornate nel… “Paese do sole”, purtroppo però le nostre speranze sono state Continue Reading