Admission Criteria

The Udine International School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, colour, gender, or national origin and seeks to accept all qualified students who apply. Applications for Admission are accepted throughout the year in accordance with the published admission procedure. All applications to the school must be accompanied by previous school reports and/or records, any appropriate medical records, a valid identity document and any other documents required.

Knowledge of the English language is not a determining factor for admission, but the candidate’s level will be assessed (only for entry to the Elementary or Junior High Schools) in order to determine whether ESL (English as a Second Language) is required.

The international philosophy of the school provides that admission priority be given:

1) Firstly, to international students who are native speakers of English;
2) Secondly, to international students who are not native speakers of English;
3) Thirdly, to siblings of students already enrolled in our school.

The Udine International School is not equipped or staffed to educate students with severe to moderate learning disabilities, physical or mental disabilities, or emotional/behavioural problems and these students will not be admitted to the school. Students with mild physical, mental, emotional, or learning disabilities may be admitted if in the Principal’s judgment adequate provision and/or special programs can be made. Special materials, supplies, and/or additional instruction may be required and the costs for these will be the responsibility of the parent. These fees are in addition to the regular tuition fees.

Students with physical disabilities may be admitted if the school structure can accommodate his or her needs and if the implementation of these special program is deemed feasible by the Principal.